Our mission is to preserve your natural beauty.

Welcome to Quality House of Beauty

Quality House of Beauty is a place created out of a passion for beauty. Created for all those who expect effective aesthetic solutions and appreciate professionalism, comfort and service at the highest level. This is a unique place not only thanks to the elegant décor, but above all thanks to the collaborating team of the best specialists.

In a wide range of cosmetologically treatments and treatments in the field of aesthetic medicine, we help our clients bring out their natural beauty, guided by a sublime aesthetic sense

In our offer you will find complexes of care procedures, rejuvenation, elimination of defects and support of body formation

The highest quality of preparations

The highest quality of devices

Being aware that our customers are safe, happy and satisfied with our work is extremely important to us.

We are proud of our knowledge, experience, care and understanding, as well as excellent service and individual approach to each client.

They cooperate with us


Welcome to my beauty home.
You are worth everything.

I am a certified doctor, graduate of State Medical University in Azerbaijan. I’ve worked in hospital for 16 years, as head of the medical and diagnotsic laboratory. In 2017 I’ve decided to bet on myself and started to make women feel beautiful as a doctor of aesthetic medicine.

  • I am an expert in hyaluronic acid treatments: nose corrections, fillers, face volumetry;
  • I perform botulin toxin treatments that include: removal of wrinkles, hyperhidrosis treatment;
  • I am modeling lips using different techniques: candy lips, flat lips, russian lips, french lips;
  • I work on the best devices and certified products;
  • I constantly improve my knowledge and qualifications by participating in symposiums, courses and conferences;

Certified comsetologist, Quality House of Beauty leading specialist

Being beautiful is not a whim or a luxury that only a few can afford. This is a real need that is available and achievable for each and every one of us. I am happy that with my knowledge and experience I get to make women feel beautiful again.

Quality House of Beauty is your Beauty Home, where you get to feel relaxed and taken care of. I am here for you and I can’t wait to see you in our clinic.


In my work I want to preserve women’s natural beauty, slow down time and make them feel the most beautiful ever. I actively use high-tech cosmetology to get the most spectacular and yet very natural effects. In Quality House of Beauty, I get to use the most innovative equipment such as: In Mode, Lumecca, Morpheus 8, Laser P.L.E.A.S.E. and more. I successfully solve the problems of my patients related to:

  • First signs of ageing: wrinkles, loss of skin firmness and elasticity;
  • Uneven skin relief: enlarged pores, acne scars, stretch marks;
  • Skin imperfections: age spots, freckles, spider veins and vascular mesh, uneven skin tone;
  • Age related changes: sagging tissues, loss of facial contours, second chin;


Proffesional education:

2016-2019 Lublin WSSP im. Wincenty pole in Lublin majoring in cosmetology-bachelor studies

2019-2021 Warsaw Maria Skłodowska-Curie University of Medicine Direction, aesthetic cosmetology-master studies


Successfully completed courses and webinars:

* Training-Charmine Rose in the field of knowledge of techniques for performing procedures using

chemical peels

* Seminar-Acne tarda-adult acne

* Training-Peel Mision-familiarity with brand products

* Training-needle Mesotherapy

* Training-Peel Mision-hyaluronic acid mesoBoost as a complement to the treatment with chemical

peels Peel Mision and AcidBoost

* On-line conference-acne as a disorder of the gut-brain-skin axis

* Cleavage-Fractional Microneedle Radiofrequency

* Training-Zaffiro

* Training – Laser Mediostar Monolith

* Training-stimulating tissue

* Training-mouth natural technique

* Seminar-pink acne. Vascular pathologies and the impact on the aesthetics of the patient. Solutions

* Webinar-Laser Rejuvenation. The principle of action of various lasers on the mechanisms of skin aging

* Seminar-pink acne. Causes of formation and development. Basic treatments

* Webinar-laser technologies for the treatment of vascular pathologies. Benefits of sequential exposure to different wavelengths

* Webinar-discoloration and the possibility of their correction using laser therapy

* Webinar-acne-errors in the recommendations of a cosmetologist or why drugs do not work during

therapy. Pharmacology and Cosmetology in a case study.

Aleksandra Petrushenkova

Brow master

What should be the perfect eyebrows? Thick or maybe thin. With a sharp curve or straight, like Kara Delevingne. There is no perfect template, but it is possible to make the right eyebrows for you.

Eyebrows are certainly an important element of the face. They frame the eye and depending on how they look, they can rejuvenate or change the facial expression.


2018 – 2021 A branch of the Academy of Physical Education in Biała Podlaska Field Cosmetology – bachelor degree

“I graduated from the university at the Faculty of Cosmetology. During my stydying, I attended many different trainings in the field of beauty and beauty cosmetology. At one point, I began to be interested in everything related to the eyebrows. Various procedures, coloring, drawing graphics. I completed a course on eyebrow styling at the university. Later successfully completed advanced training. I am constantly improving my knowledge in this area. I have extensive experience in this field.

I will make the perfect shape and color for your eyebrows.

Thanks to eyebrow lamination, we give them any shape and deeply nourish the hair cuticle.

We cordially invite you to our Beauty House

Gerle Chimeddorj

I graduated from the National University of Medical Sciences in Mongolia in 2007 and received the title of Doctor of Natural Medicine.

I am a certified specialist in therapeutic massage of deep tissues.
Work experience in this profession is 15 years.
The massage technique I adopt contains elements of the installation of the spine – this is a combination of acupressure (inhibition of selected points on the body) with other massage techniques, which leads to the restoration of the disturbed mechanics of the joints.

Additionally I perform all types of classic massages including: general, therapeutic, preventive, anti-cellulite and lymphatic drainage. Each day I help women to find health, positive emotions, happiness and satisfaction. I dedicated a special place in my practice to anti-cellulite massages and lymphatic drainage, because they are solving the most common problems of women.



I believe that our face says it all- it reflects your mood, lifestyle, history. Here at Quality House of Beauty we write your story together because we want to make you feel at home. Like you are at your very own house of beauty.
I believe that a cosmetologist shouldn’t strive to change people’s appearances, instead, we should highlight the persons’ natural beauty.  

I completed my  studies at the University of Engineering and Health in Warsaw in the field of Clinical Cosmetology, where I am currently continuing my education at the master’s degree.

During my professional work, I dealt with various fields of cosmetics and cosmetology, which helped me discover branches of this profession that particularly fascinate me. I specialize in acne skin therapy and anti-aging regenerative cosmetology.

With the support of appropriate cosmetics and apparatus, we can restore the skin to its vitality, smoothness and natural beauty.
I will be happy to see you at the Quality House of Beauty on my original treatments!